Welcome to Remote Proctor! Please click the "Start System Check" button to test your computer.

Microphone Check.
Web Camera Check.
Network Bandwith Check.
Start System Check
  • Checking for Flash Player.
  • Let's begin, Click 'allow' and then 'close' on the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog box.
  • Thanks! I'm checking for a working camera.
  • OK, now I'm checking your audio.
  • OK, now I'm checking your microphone.(We are going to play a sound clip to test microphone.)
  • OK, last test! I need to check your bandwidth.
  • Thanks! I'm processing your test results, one moment please.
Microphone Test

System Check Instructions

When the test starts, we will need you to give us access to your camera and microphone. That's it, you can sit back and relax! We got it from here. The test will take less than a minute.

Start Test

Microphone Test

We noticed you failed to pass the microphone test. No problem, lets run another test. Check your recording device and make sure the microphone levels are turned all the way up. After clicking "Start Microphone Test" below, we will need camera and microphone access again. Please speak into the microphone until the right side indicator turns to green.

Start Microphone Test


It look's like you failed the test. Based on your test results, we have supplied you with some possible solutions. Please correct the item listed below and retry the test. Thanks!